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*All pictures shown are samples of photos taken from our operational sites across the UK, all sites will be individual and may differ is size and layout.

Proud to be Customer Service / Team Award Winners
Welcome to Study Inn
Studio Room - 175 Corporation Street
Gym - 165/175 Corporation Street
Hospitality & Pastoral Care
Deluxe Plus - The Moor, Sheffield
Studio Kitchen - 175 Corporation Street
Studio Living - 175 Corporation Street
Deluxe Room - Clarendon Street, Nottingham
Superior Twin Room - Clarendon Street, Nottingham
Studio Room - 175 Corporation Street
Deluxe Room - 175 Corporation Street
Deluxe Plus - Castle Court, Cambridge
Deluxe - Castle Court, Cambridge
Conservatory Facilities - Castle Court, Cambridge
Superior Kitchen - The Moor, Sheffield
Fully Serviced Rooms
Gym - Burges House
Table Tennis
Double Bed Deluxe
Deluxe Kitchen - 175 Corporation Street
Ensuite Shower Room
Conservatory Gym - Castle Court, Cambridge
Conference Facilites Available - Coventry
Deluxe Plus - 175 Corporation Street
Fully Fitted Kitchen - Burges House
Conservatory Gym - Castle Court, Cambridge
Drinks Chiller - Tower
Deluxe Plus - Lazy Boy Chair
Deluxe Plus Kitchen
Kitchen - Tower
Superior Double - 175 Corporation Street
Deluxe Kitchen - Clarendon Street, Nottingham
Superior Kitchen - The Moor, Sheffield
Conservatory Full sized Snooker table- Castle Court, Cambridge
Superior - Two Seater Sofa
Studio - Market Way, Coventry
Superior - Two Seater Sofa
Superior Kitchen - 175 Corporation Street
Conservatory Cinema Room - Castle Court, Cambridge
Ensuite Shower Room
Apartment Room - Tower
Gym - The Moor, Sheffield
Conservatory Snooker/Pool - Castle Court, Cambridge
Chess - Tower
Personal Storage - Tower
Superior Room - Market Way, Coventry
Deluxe Plus - Sheffield, The Moor
Friendly & Welcoming - Burges House
Laundry Facilities
Study Inn Hoodie
Superior Kitchen - Clarendon Street, Nottingham
Superior Room - The Moor, Sheffield
Shared Kitchen - Tower
Larger Living Area - Tower
Safe and Secure
Superior Room - Sharing Available
Court Yard Conservatory - Castle Court, Cambridge
Deluxe Plus - Castle Court - Cambridge
Gym - Trinity Street
Serviced for your convenience
Housekeeping Service
Reception - The Moor, Sheffield
Apartment Room - Tower
Luxury Kitchen - Tower
Dining - Tower
Bed Linen and Towels provided
Reception - Burges House
Communal TV Lounge - Tower
Meeting Rooms - 165/175 Corporation Street
Gym - The Moor, Sheffield
Luxury Kitchen - Tower
Onsite Maintenance
Studio Kitchen 165 Corporation Street - Market Way
Shared Living - Tower
Superior Room - 175 Corporation Street
Living Room - Tower
Games - Tower
Shared Living - Tower
Communal TV Lounge - Burges House
TV/Games Lounge
Gym - Burges House
Fully Serviced - Tower
Gym - Market Way
Reception - 165 Corporation Street
TV Lounge - The Moor, Sheffield
With centres around the UK
The CWTCA event held at the RICOH in Coventry
Study Inn winners at the CWTCA 2016
Study Inn accepting the award at the CWTCA 2016 for customer service
The Award for Customer Service 2016
Study Inn Cambridge
Study Inn Nottingham
Study Inn Sheffield
165 Corporation Street
175 Corporation Street
Study Inn Corporation St/Tower
Study Inn Burges House
Burges House Flags
Study Inn Trinity Street
Study Inn Market Way