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Providing everything you need


Study Inn welcomes our international community

Being in a new country can be a daunting experience, but Study Inn will do everything they can to ensure you are welcomed with open arms. We have over 142 Nationalities staying at Study Inn so you are not alone. Study Inn offers a bespoke and unique experience and we are here to help, and to offer you a step by step guide to living not only at Study Inn but in the UK.

You will have access to all our facilities that we offer and most importantly a fast and reliable internet service to ensure you keep in touch with loved ones back home. Choose your location now and start your journey at Study Inn.


Save on International fees


Book and pay direct through our easy 'Pay to study' option and save on international fees. 

Communicate back home


Facetime or Skype family and friends back home. Our internet service is fast, powerful and reliable.

Our all-inclusive services will provide you with all equipment and appliances for a convenient stay.