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Digital media is an effective portal for Study Inn to offer students worldwide a one stop gateway to relevant and informative news from university news, student life and updates from all Study Inn locations.

Residents are able to access up-to-date information on events, competitions, discounts and offers via our social media platforms - allowing the opportunity to get involved, voice your opinions and have some fun.

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Discover All-Inclusive Boutique Student Living In Cambridge

Learn all about our luxurious, all-inclusive Cambridge student accommodation building.

Get Your Student Room Ready For Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner! Get your decorations at the ready and create a festive feeling in your student home.

Things To Do As A Student This Halloween

Decided you’re going to stay in this Halloween? Find a list of things you can do to have a fun Halloween in your student apartment this year.

Settling Into The New Student Year

As everyone heads off to university for their studies, it’s important that you’re able to comfortably settle in to your new uni life. Find out how.

Calling All Sheffield Students: Sheffield Councils Redsack Scheme Is Back!

Calling all Sheffield University students! The Redsack Scheme is in place once again, helping you to recycle what you can and safely dispose of your w

Nottingham Students: Check Out The Annual Autokarna

Attention Nottingham university students! Don't miss out on the 2017 annual Nottingham Autokarna - A great free day out for all car lovers.

Study Inn Sheffield: The Rooms We Offer

At each student accommodation building, there are a number of different rooms available. Learn about the rooms we offer at Study Inn Sheffield.

Focus On Coventry Student Accommodation

Take an in-depth look into Study Inn Coventry – our luxury boutique Coventry student housing.

Guarantee Your Student Accommodation Deposit Back When You Move Out

Handing over a student accommodation deposit is never the greatest thing to do. Learn how you can make sure you get it returned to you when you leave.

Introducing Study Inn Bristol Student Accommodation

Study Inn is proud to present luxury student accommodation in Bristol. Our Bristol student lets are set to open doors in 2018. Find out more today.

How To Find Student Accommodation That’s Perfect for You

Discover how to find student accommodation that’s right for you with some valuable student accommodation advice from the experts.

Student Accommodation Musts

Find out all the student accommodation must knows’ to have a smooth and enjoyable experience living in your university home.

The Best Coventry Nightclubs For Students

Find a selection of the best nightclubs in Coventry for students - from the Kasbah nightclub to Scholars and JJ's.

Legal Requirements For Student Accommodation

Whilst staying in student accommodation, be it private rental or student halls, there are a number of legal requirements to follow.

Sheffield Students: Get Ready For Outlines Festival

On 3 - 4 March, Sheffield will be taken over by Outlines Festival where great artists will provide you and your friends with a weekend of live music

Things To Do In Nottingham: The Festival Of Science & Curiosity

The festival of Science & Curiosity is making its annual return to Nottingham from the 8-15 of November

Focus on Study Inn student apartments in Sheffield

A look at our fantastic accommodation in the great student city of Sheffield

Best websites to look for student jobs

Here are some of the best places to for student jobs in the new year.

Why Study Inn is great for parents

Study Inn offers great student accommodation for both students and parents.

How to save money as student this christmas

Christmas is expensive - here is how to save money for students.

8 Useful Websites Every University Student Should Know

8 websites that offer the best information, advice and help for new students.

How to Survive Fresher’s Week

Here are some tips to help you manage everything during your first few weeks of university.

Why Student Accommodation is the Perfect Choice for Your First Year at University

Here are a few reasons why you should definitely choose student accommodation in your first year at university.

Common Misconceptions about Your First Year at University

Here are a few misconceptions about the first year of studying for your degree.

Live Green by Green Tourism

Everyone can help reduce our impact on the world by making a few positive choices

5 Things Every Student Should Do This Summer

Here are five things that every single student should do this summer before they start their next term at university.

Preparing For Your First Year at University

With only a few months left till term begins in September, here a few essential things to prepare this summer.

How to Prepare to Move Out of Your Student Accommodation This Summer

Tips to packing up and moving out of your student accommodation this summer.

Best Student Discounts and Freebies Every Student Should Know

Don't miss out on these great student deals and discounts!

What to Do the Night Before Your Exams at University

Find out how to best prepare for dreaded end of year university exams!

Guide to Sheffield for Students

A handy guide of all the things to do as a student in Sheffield.

Things to Do In Nottingham as a Student

Need some ideas for things to do in Nottingham? Let Study Inn help!

5 Reasons to Choose Study Inn for Your Student Accommodation

Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on staying with Study Inn.

How to Deal With Exam Stress While Studying At University

Learn how to cope with exam stress during your university studies.

Guide to Studying in the UK for International Students

Read our guide on studying in the UK for international students.