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Answers to questions you may have about Study Inn and booking can be found here.. 

Cancellation and Refunds

  • Is my reservation fee fully refundable?

    Yes, your reservation fee is fully refundable all year round.

  • Do I pay a charge if I cancel before the agreement starts?

    If your room is secured, please review section 2.0 of the cancellation policy for an overview of charges that may be applicable. 

  • Can I move out during the agreement?

    At any point you can move out during the License Agreement, but please note you are still responsible for the rent until a new student moves in. Our dedicated reservations team will aim to find a replacement as fast as possible.

  • Will I get a refund if I move out early?

    If you move out early then a refund is calculated from the day a new student moves into your room. Please note there is an initial cancellation fee of £250. 

Booking and Payments

  • Does the Reservation fee guarantee me a room?

    The reservation does not guarantee you a room, but it allows you to be kept up to date with availability so you do not miss out on the chance to secure your chosen room type. 

  • Can I choose where I wish to live?

    Yes. As long as there is availability then you are eligible to choose to stay at any Study Inn. 

  • Are there any additional fees to pay?

    No additional fees are charged to move into Study Inn.

  • How long is the agreement?

    The standard length of our License agreement is 50 weeks.

Moving in and Facilities

  • Do you have laundry facilities?

    Yes, each Study Inn centre has its own laundry room for you. 

  • Is there any social space?

    Each Study Inn has fantastic study social space as well as regular events for all students to take part in.

  • Can I swap my room if I don't like upon checking in?

    If you wish to swap rooms then you can fill in a room swap form via your resident log in. Study Inn will then have to try and match your room type with another student who wishes to move. 

  • What facilities do you offer?

    Study Inn provides you with many facilities such as a fully serviced and fitted room, SKY TV, board rooms, TV lounges, X box and Play Station, gym and so much more. There is always something to do at your new home. 

  • Can I move in early?

    If a room is ready, then we will try and move students in early but generally it is not possible although we do try. 

  • Do you offer parking?

    We offer free parking at our Coventry site (Subject to availability) our other centres, we have student discount deals to offer you the cheapest parking around.