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Why work with us


Our mission is for our people to be part of a winning and successful team. Equally we want our people to enjoy and share in its success and never has that been more important than right now...


Employee Benefits


  • 28 days annual leave
  • Bonus Holiday for midweek birthdays
  • Employee assistance programme
  • Competitive Salaries
  • Annual Salary Reviews
  • Bonus Scheme
  • Free City Centre Parking
  • Free access to on site Gym facilities


Our Values


  • To proactivly operate and maintain 
    a customer focused service.
  • To continue to inspire our ambitious
    attitude to grow our brand.
  • To continue to evolve and remain
    competitive within the student
    accommodation market.
  • To operate a friendly office
    atmosphere, through communication
    and dedicated management.
  • To encorage and nurture individual
    passion to acheieve and succeed.

Our Mission


  • To continue to be the best choice in
    Student Accommodation for quality
    and price.
  • To lead the market with exceptional
    customer focused service.
  • To expand the Study Inn brand both
    independently and in true partnership
    with Institutions.
  • To continue to improve our services
    through innovation, for the well-being and rounded experience of students
    while attending University.