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*All pictures shown are samples of photos taken from our operational sites across the UK, all sites will be individual and may differ is size and layout.

Welcome to Study Inn
Deluxe Plus Room - Cambridge
Deluxe Plus Twin Kitchen - Cambridge
Pool Table Conservatory - Cambridge
Fully Fitted Gym - Cambridge
PS4 Console
Full size UK snooker and Pool table - Cambridge
Deluxe Plus Twin Room - Cambridge
Deluxe Plus - Cambridge
Luxury Gaming Chairs - Cambridge
Deluxe Plus Twin - Cambridge
Conservatory Facilities - Castle Court, Cambridge
Integrated Induction Hob - Cambridge
Deluxe Plus Kitchen - Cambridge
Fully Serviced Rooms
Gym Area - Cambridge
Table Tennis
Snooker Conservatory - Cambridge
The Conservatory - Cambridge
Ensuite Shower Room
Deluxe Kitchen - Cambridge
Social Area - Cambridge
Study Area - Cambridge
Deluxe Plus - Lazy Boy Chair
Deluxe Plus Recliner chair - Cambridge
Relaxing Social Area - Cambridge
Games area - Cambridge
The conservatory is the perfect social environment
Outdoor Court Yard - Cambridge
Snooker Score Board - Cambridge
Steam and Shower Rooms - Cambridge
Ensuite Shower Room
Laundry Facility - Cambridge
Study Inn Hoodie
Gym TV's - Cambridge
Make your Break
Safe and Secure
Court Yard Conservatory - Castle Court, Cambridge
Issac The Mad Scientist - Cambridge
Cinema Room with PS4 console - Cambridge
Serviced for your convenience
Cold water machines - Cambridge
Reception Area - Cambridge
Onsite Maintenance
Study Inn Cambridge