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Calling All Sheffield Students: Sheffield Councils Redsack Scheme Is Back!


Sheffield Council have once again reintroduced the Redsack Scheme as a way to help both Landlords and Students dispose of waste safely and sensibly, and properly recycle everything that doesn’t need to be thrown away at the end of the academic year.

 If you don’t know about the Redsack Scheme, take a read through this article to learn all you need to know about this clever and efficient method of recycling and waste disposal.

The Redsack Scheme

What is it?

The Redsack Scheme is a waste disposal scheme that encourages landlords and students to recycle as many items as they can at the end of the academic year, keeping waste down and allowing any working, undamaged and imperishable items to be reused or repurposed.

How does it work?

All students are encouraged to sort through their belongings at the end of their studies and recycle all items possible. But of course, when you’ve sorted through various items like clothes, kitchen utensils and any imperishable foods, there will most likely be a few things left over. At this period in time, you’ll have access to council red sacks – large sacks to fill for disposal by incineration.

How does it help?

By providing students with the council red sacks, the council is encouraging students to properly dispose of waste. The council encourages you to recycle everything that you can before disposing of the rest of your waste in red sacks, which will later be incinerated.

How Should You Manage Your Items At The End Of The Year?

When you come to leave your Sheffield student accommodation, you’ll be surprised with how many items you’re left to organise. Many of the things you have won’t have to be thrown away, and should instead be recycled.

With food, clothes, ornaments, kitchenware and various other items there’s a lot to sort through. We recommend taking down all unwanted clothing, ornaments, DVDs etc to your local charity shop to donate, or place them in British Heart Foundation donation bags and drop them off at your closest BHF collection point.

When the main bulk of items have been donated or recycled you can start to think about other items like kitchen utensils and imperishable food. These types of items can most likely be handed in to the university halls for future use by other students.

Anything you have left that cannot be recycled can be packed into the council red sacks and placed outside of your university house, ready to be disposed of in a safe and easy manner.

Find Out More About Sheffield Recycling For Students

Want to find out more about recycling for students in Sheffield with the Council’s red sack scheme in place? Find out more about your waste disposal responsibilities as a student.

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