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Study Inn

Study Inn donates to the BHF


Study Inn are delighted to receive gratitude from the British Heart Foundation for the donations we have made accumulating 1.6 tonnes of unwanted item with a value of approximately £2,730.

Study Inn will continue to provide donations to the British Heart Foundation to further assist with a well-being of our local community.

Below is a report provided by the British Heart Foundation of the impact our donations have had across all Study Inn locations.

Your Local Community

We understand the importance of local communities and want to share with you some of the fantastic things the British Heart Foundation has funded within your Universities local area.


  • 13 Heart Start Schemes
  • 91 Defibrillators Awarded
  • 42,906 Free Heart Health Resources
  • 4 Heart Start Groups
  • 35 Establishments CPR trained
  • 4 BHF Retail shops
  • 21 Research Grants of over £5,000,000


  • 10 Heart Start Schemes
  • 166 AEDs
  • 50,018 Healthy Heart Resources issued
  • 4 BHF Retail Shops
  • 2,752Heart Matters Members
  • 131 Health at Work Members
  • 20 Schools provided with CPR Training
  • 21 Research Grants up to £7,442,274


  • 5 Heart Start Schemes
  • 53 AEDs
  • 13,057 Healthy Heart Resources issued
  • 1 Heart Start Group
  • 3 BHF Retail Shops
  • 79 Health at Work Members
  • 9 Schools provided with CPR Training

Thank You!

On behalf of everyone at the BHF we would like to thank you for your support. Your on-going support and end of year campaign along with all the Universities across the UK, is making a real difference in the fight against heart disease.

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