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The Best Coventry Nightclubs For Students


Life can be rather stressful as a student and sometimes it’s nice to have some time to let your hair down. At Study Inn we’ve done a little bit of research to be able to present you with a list of what we think are the best clubs in Coventry for students.

The clubs on our list take into account a number of important factors including costs (we know just how tight a student budget can be!), accessibility and most importantly the atmosphere that the clubs provide – so that you can get a solid idea of the clubs you’d like to visit.

The Empire Nightclub

The Empire is a very popular club venue situated less than half a mile from Coventry University, so it’s well within walking distance – convenient for stumbling home the morning after a brilliant night! This venue is most well known for its live music shows, inviting well-known bands and artists from around the UK to play.  Tickets are generally relatively cheap, along with drinks – which is beneficial for a student living on a tight budget.

The Empire nightclub provides great music, great drinks and all together a great night out in Coventry for students. The brilliant set up and the frequent visits from great bands makes the Empire nightclub one of the best clubs in Coventry for live music shows. 

JJ’s Nightclub

JJ’s nightclub is a popular venue located in Coventry’s Skydome. It’s everything you expect of a brilliant club. They don’t play live music here, but they do have a selection of brilliant DJ’s playing the latest top tracks.

If you are interested in a night of top commercial music from some great DJ’s, with a booming dance floor and a lively atmosphere in one of Coventry’s VIP venues, JJ’s nightclub is the place to go. It might have a VIP feel but JJ’s is more than affordable, providing friendly student discounts on entry and drinks, and the occasional event with full entry free of charge.

And as a bonus you needn’t worry about struggling to get home; JJ’s is just a 5 minute taxi drive from Coventry University.

Scholars Nightclub

Scholars nightclub is one of the most student-heavy venues in Coventry. It’s a very welcoming, popular club that provides a brilliant night out every time. A night out at Scholars probably won’t be as crazy as the other clubs Coventry has to offer, but this isn’t a bad thing.

This is a great club to visit if you’re looking to socialise, and it’s perfectly run to provide great nights out for students at a low cost. Scholars nightclub offers student discounts on top of already affordable prices, along with regular drinks promotions. The dance floor is always rather lively so you won’t have to worry about dancing on your own.

Scholars nightclub will see you having a great night from the moment you arrive, and you’ll be warmly welcomed by the workers that have been voted as ‘Coventry’s Friendliest Door staff.’

The Kasbah Nightclub

The Kasbah nightclub is undoubtedly one of the best clubs in Coventry, and having been voted ‘Coventry’s Best Nightclub’ this is quite apparent. It’s an established club that’s been around for almost 22 years and is still going strong.

The venue hosts a number of different club nights including regular events on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, virtually all of which have some form of drinks promotion.  Entry to the Kasbah nightclub is very cheap, and even better still, students with a Coventry University NUS can benefit from a further discount.

The Kasbah is a lively club where you’re sure to meet some interesting people and it’s pretty much guaranteed that you’ll have a brilliant time. The Kasbah nightclub gives some of their club nights funny rules – one of which being free entry for anyone called Jack, and free drinks all night if they bring their Mum!

Just to put the icing on the cake, everyone has the option of some free toast for the walk home at the end of the night on a Monday.

Luxury Coventry Student Accommodation

If you’re interested in taking your studies in Coventry, or you’re seeking a change of accommodation for your second year, check out Study Inn. We provide brilliant luxury student accommodation in Coventry and a number of other locations.

Explore the Study Inn site today, or contact our friendly staff on 02476 239 349 to make an enquiry. 

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