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The students guide to Coventry


Heading off to Coventry for your university studies this academic year?

Coventry is a beautiful city with a whole range of brilliant things to see and do. If you’re travelling to Coventry for uni this year, then read on to find out about the city’s main attractions and make your time in the city exciting and enjoyable.

Things To Do

The city of Coventry offers a lot to see and do. Coventry is a city of history and heritage and as such homes a number of historical buildings and grounds. The city is also home to a number of parks, sports centres, museums and galleries, so you’ll never be short of things to do throughout your time at university.

Museums, Galleries & Historical Buildings

Coventry has an array of museums dotted around the city; some of the most notable include the British motor museum – showcasing motor vehicles from British auto history, the Coventry watch museum and the Transport museum.

The city also has a variety of historical buildings and grounds, like the extravagant Compton Verney stately home and the walls of the Coventry Cathedral that was devastated during the Blitz in WWII, so if you are a lover of history you’ll find many great attractions.

The Herbert Art Gallery is located in the heart of Coventry city and makes for a great place to visit for fans of modern and historical artworks.

The Outdoors

If you’re the outdoor type you’ll definitely appreciate Coventry’s array of parks, gardens and outdoor spaces. If you’re looking for somewhere to chill out throughout the day there are a lot of parks located centrally in the city that will provide you with the space you need to relax. Try Caludon Castle Park for instance; a park housing medieval castle remains and an on-site garden, or Swanswell pool & park – a brilliant place to relax close to the centre of the city.

These are just two of dozens of parks and gardens around Coventry, and with a little exploring you’ll discover some of the cities great nature reserves. With all of these wonderful outdoor opportunities you’ll never find yourself short of things to do in Coventry.

Sports Facilities

There’s plenty of chance to get active in Coventry, the city has an array of sports facilities and activity centres dotted about for you to enjoy.

The Coventry Sports & Leisure Centre is situated near to the heart of the city centre, and provides residents of the city with everything they could need in the way of exercise and leisure. The Coventry sports and leisure centre has swimming baths, sports halls and a gym area, and the venue runs various health & fitness lessons that you can attend.

Study Inn’s Coventry student accommodation centres have on-site gyms for all residents to enjoy.

Places To Shop

The city of Coventry has some amazing opportunity for shopping - with a number of wonderful shopping centres in the heart of the city and lots of independent stores dotted around.

Shopping Centres

Coventry has a collection of extravagant shopping centres, all packed full of retail outlets, eateries and other entertainment. The main shopping centres in Coventry City Centre are:

  • West Orchards
  • Cathedral Lanes
  • Lower Precinct

Each of these shopping centres is packed with an array of brilliant retail outlets, restaurants and fast food stores, meaning there’s always somewhere nearby for you to grab a bite to eat, or treat yourself to some new shopping!

Coventry Market

Coventry market takes place 6 days a week and includes an array of interesting stores selling everything from takeaway food to handmade crafts and much more. Coventry market has been running since 1958, and is an interesting place to explore for a traditional shopping experience while you’re wandering through the city.

Food & Drink

The city of Coventry has a wide array of eateries and bars throughout. Pubs, cafés and restaurants can be found on every corner in the heart of the city centre, so whether you’re looking for somewhere to pop in for a quick snack, a fancy meal or a drink with friends, there’s something for every occasion.


Coventry has a wide array of restaurants serving up food from all around the world. Coventry’s restaurants provide the perfect setting for many occasions; a romantic meal for two, or dinner out with friends.

A walk around the city will open your eyes to a variety of global cuisines with food from Italy, India, the Caribbean and many more places around the world.

Pubs & Bars

Coventry’s pubs are great for evenings out with friends; whether you’re going to enjoy some drinks or a tasty sit-down meal. The city is packed full of traditional pubs where you can enjoy a relaxed sit down to dig into a meal or try some craft ales and beers. Some of Coventry’s most notable pubs include The Squirrel, The Oak Inn and the Town Wall Tavern.

There’s also a choice of bars and cocktail lounges in the city for when you want to spice up the night, and clubs if you are into city nightlife.

Cafes & Coffee Shops

Serving up tasty brews and delicious light lunches, the cafés and coffee shops of Coventry offer a quick and easy answer to the times where you’re fancying a bite to eat and a thirst quencher while you’re out and about. 

Some of Coventry’s best cafes include the Rising café - an exciting, bustling café in the busy city centre, Esquires Coffee bar in the Coventry Transport museum, and the stylish Kahawa café offering outdoor seating and plenty of tasty food to choose from.

Book Your Place At Study Inn Coventry

The city of Coventry is a brilliant place to stay for an exciting student living experience, with so much to see and do it’s impossible to get bored of this wonderful city. Study inn provides some of the best student accommodation Coventry has to offer – with seven different student accommodation centres dotted about the city centre.

Don’t miss out, book your place at Study Inn Coventry today!

Check out Study Inn’s other student accommodation locations around the UK.

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