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Honest Feedback


We value the feedback our guests provide to us, who better to provide an honest review of what it's like to live at a Study Inn centre. Each centre has it's own set of unique reviews so you can see the best of Study Inn no matter where you choose to live with us.

We have collected our best offical Google reviews to showcase just how much students enjoy our service, centre teams and providing them with the best student living experience.

Select a location below and see what students love the most about Study Inn. 

Raymond Kasozi - Coventry
175 Corporation St

I am a former resident at 175 corporation street. I wish to thank you for the wonderful stay I enjoyed at Study Inn. The Centre Managers, Leanne, Rachel and Faith. They were always very helpful, kind and always with a smile for their guests. Also thanks to Chris and JP who were always on hand if i had any issues in with the room.

I wish to thank my housekeeper, Anna. I always knew when she had cleaned my room because it was always amazing. I really enjoyed my stay at study inn. Thank you all very much.

September 2017

Wyn Clayton - Coventry
Market Way

My overall experience at Study Inn so far has been a nice and relaxed experience. The room cleaning has been amazing. The staff members are extremely friendly, helpful and welcoming. I feel right at home which is perfect. The facilities are also convenient, clean and well maintained. The people who work here really do care about the building and the well-being of those inhabiting the building.

Overall an amazing experience so far. I feel safe and at home in such a new environment. rating 9.5 / 10.

September 2017

Ins Cardoso Gomes - Coventry
Coventry Tower

I would like to start by expressing how satisfied I am with my stay at Study Inn, I don’t think that as a student I could have picked a better place to stay in terms of living conditions.

From the location to the high quality and modern rooms and facilities.

The housekeeper Julie did not only do more than what her work entailed, but she was always willing to help and extremely polite and friendly. 

September 2017

Inka Cheung - Coventry
Market Way

Study Inn is a very warm and cosy student accommodation in my overall experience. It provided most of the things I need in the room and the space is more than enough for a group of two. Receptionists and managers are nice, greeting with us everyday with warm regards. Maintenance team was efficient. One design mistake in the room was the dimension of the sink is located at the corner of the kitchen. Which made us a serious back pain everytime doing the dishes.

I am looking foward to stay with StudyInn again next year!

September 2017

Angie Yap - Sheffield
The Moor

This is my second and last year staying in Study Inn Sheffield. I was really pleased with my stay here. The staffs are helpful and treat us like family! As an international student whom is away from home 6000 miles away, Study Inn is definitely like my second home and the manager (Susan) is like the second mum of mine here. Will definitely recommend whoever looking for accommodation from my home country to stay in Study Inn!

April 2017

Joe Bretten - Sheffield
The Moor

I'm an undergraduate UK/home student who moved into StudyInn Sheffield in September 2016. When I arrived, I found the staff to be very friendly, welcoming, and helpful, as they have been for my entire stay. The center managers are delightful, the cleaner is punctual, and the rest of the staff are equally agreeable.

The facilities are modern and clean, I've particularly enjoyed having inclusive access to the gym on the lower floor, so having gym equipment to occasionally use whenever I like has been a massive benefit.

April 2017

David Pritchett - Coventry
Market Way

I’m enjoying my stay at Study Inn. I have reported maintenance problems twice, and both times they were repaired in under a week. The housekeeping is great, my room is always really nice afterwards. The letters being pushed under the door is great, and usually on the same day as they were delivered. Staff are great too. Friendly and helpful.

March 2017

Robert Kwami - Coventry
175 Corporation St

I am very pleased with my stay here, your services are very professional. I personally enjoy the manner you interact with your guest, very respectful and courteous staff. Your housekeeping schedules are on time and very neat.

March 2017

Christian Krenn - Coventry
Trinity St

I am very satisfied with my accommodation, service and staff. The Studio in Burges House contains nearly all necessary items. The staff, Johanna, Cleaning ladies and maintenance are very friendly and react really fast on any requests. Triple A for employees!

March 2017

Kyriakos Kosta - Coventry
Trinity St

I am currently staying at Burges House - Coventry. The building is well maintained, clear and frequently updated and maintained. I am currently staying in a double deluxe room. The kitchen equipment is ideal for a student, My overall satisfaction of staying in Study Inn is good.

March 2017

Constantinos Leventis - Coventry
Trinity St

Great location, Burges House is just a 3 minutes walk from Coventry's central bus station and largest supermarket. I feel safe, the main door as well as the doors leading to corridors are always locked and need a key card to open them.
Room cleaning and garbage disposal services means I do not have the chore to clean the room or take out the garbage; the cleaning ladies do a really nice job. My Centre manager Joanna is very polite, always willing to help, she really makes you feel comfortable.

March 2017

Lucia Simon - Coventry
175 Corporation St

The room has itself most of the things that we needed, that was a great saver when we came.
The maintenance is quite good. Chris fixed and helped us with every problem that we had. He is really hard woking. The common areas are nice and the fact that they change your bed clothes every week it´s really good. In general we are quite happy and we would recommend it.

March 2017

Dolly Orban - Cambridge
Castle Court

I feel really comfortable and safe here at Study Inn.

The Staff members are always friendly and the high quality services are always well done.

I'm lucky to live my student life in here, just as my friends.

Thanks for having me here❤️.

December 2016

Emily Alderton - Cambridge
Castle Court

Even before moving in the staff were very helpful. When my girlfriend and I moved in the staff helped us take our bags to our room, showed us around and told us about the room.

The cleaning staff are very efficient and Friendly and always leave our room spotless.

Overall though my experience at Study Inn Cambridge has been a very positive one.

December 2016

Kavya Tolia - Coventry
175 Corporation St

Study Inn has proven to be more than a home to me!

The staff is always welcoming, cooperative and ready to help at anytime of the day!

The cleaning facility is the biggest bliss any student can get while they are on their course. So amazing!

My experience here has been overwhelming. I take this opportunity to thank all the staff to have made my journey to UK so memorable. 

August 2016

Samra Talishinskaya - Sheffield
The Moor

Definitely I enjoyed my stay in Study Inn.

I liked all the things that they provided for a student and also liked the staff here are very helpful.

Thank you!

August 2016

Bashir Ibrahim Khalifa - Coventry
165 Corporation St

Because I have loads of both international and home students as friends I have been recomending Study inn for them always. 

It is a pleasure to have been one of the students who live at study inn and the staff and highly professional and always happy to help with smiles on their faces.

July 2016

Asmau Ahmed - Nottingham
Clarendon Street

My 2 years stay at Study Inn was very pleasant. The staff were very friendly. The house keeping was amazing. It saved me the stress of cleaning my apartment and I could invest my time doing something else.

Maintenance was always at hand and fixes or replacements were carried out immediately.

I will recommend it to anyone, It is very affordable and everything is Inclusive.

July 2016

Andrew Chin - Nottingham
Clarendon Street

Overall, the manager (Lisa), other members of staff (such as Emma) and the security (Hassan and Fernando) are very friendly and always ask students how they are when they are passing by.

They are very professional in doing their jobs and are very helpful when there are any requests from the students living at the Nottingham location.

July 2016

Adedapo Ladipo - Coventry
Trinity St

I want to say that my overall stay has been very pleasant. This is my 2nd year in Study Inn and i have enjoyed my stay once again.

The staff are very nice, easy to relate with them. On call service for maintenance and any form of help is very good.

This is a place i can recommend to friends and family. Keep it up.

July 2016

Angie Yap - Sheffield
The Moor

My overall stay in Sheffield Study Inn is quite satisfying and I enjoy my stay here. The reception staff, housekeeping staff and security are friendly and helpful. They will give us a hand whenever we need help with any problems during my stay here.

I am grateful with the service and will continue to stay here this coming academic year.

With overall satisfaction level, I am still glad that I chose Study Inn Sheffield.

May 2016

Kersheen Chew - Sheffield
The Moor

I moved into Study Inn at the beginning of the year and the service provided was really great. I love how the staffs are being so friendly and helpful all the time.

The overall is alright.

I am looking forward for my stay in the upcoming months!

May 2016

Rafaela Gossner - Nottingham
Clarendon Street

Study Inn has exceeded my expectations. Often improvements are made to the building, such as painting and decoration.

In addition, the room service is good and the staff are friendly. They are always available to solve any problem.

Occasionally, we are surprised by some niceties, as a Christmas gift sweatpants, and recently a bag for shopping.

I sincerely recommend the Study Inn.

April 2016

Xiang Lu - Sheffield
The Moor

“The service is good, especially from the Study Inn staff, and they are so nice. As a new student, they provide me with helpful advice.”

January 2016

Parity Vheriwa - Coventry
Trinity St

“Firstly on my arrival, I was warmly welcomed by the staff. Helped me carry my luggage to my room. I live in a studio and it is as they say, very comfortable and neat. Our rooms get cleaned once every week. If anything is wrong just contact the House managed and it will be sorted. I enjoy my stay here and they truly make you feel like a guest. I want to continue to post graduate, will definitely stay here.”

January 2016

Mahathir Md Irkan - Coventry
Trinity St

“I would like to thank Study Inn for the great hospitality and service they provide for all the students who are living here. It honestly has become my home away from home. The rooms are great, all the maintenance work are done on time and without any disturbances. Also the accommodation is really safe and the staff members are always ready to help. It truly is a great student accommodation and I would recommend it to others for sure. Thank you very much!”

January 2016

Tiffany Tivasuradej - Coventry
Market Way

“Staff: Friendly and helpful - the majority of the issues I have had with my room have been dealt with swiftly and efficiently. Environment: clean; contains a decent supply of sporting equipment (which is good because I don’t have to sign up for a gym membership). Room: suitable for any university student - comes with all the necessary facilities.”

January 2016

Catatay Murat Nesimioglu - Sheffield
The Moor

I can definitely recommend everyone! Enjoy is not an adequate word to describe how great to stay here :) I will write a bit more detailed email while I'm saying goodbye to you all and how I'm kinda sorry for leaving here as I believe I will not be able to find anywhere this much perfect (comfort, friendly staff, location etc..) 

Keep in touch, thank you again :)

January 2016

Farah Abdulhadi - Coventry
175 Corporation St

I am a post grad at Warwick University, living in Study Inn 175 Corporation Street, after two months I must say that the negative reviews I have read before are unfair.

Study Inn is more like a five starts hotel, clean and tidy, rooms are cleaned once a week and sheets and towel changed, garbage taken twice a week and all in all a safe environment.

I recommend Study Inn for post-grads.

November 2015

Harish Ghaisas - Coventry
165 Corporation St

I have enjoyed my time staying at Study Inn. The staff is pleasant, helpful and efficient with solving any issues, I like the fact that the room gets serviced every week. As an International student it is the perfect accommodation and I would say no look no further for accommodation as Study Inn is the place to live. 

November 2015

Akkshay Jaggi - Coventry
165 Corporation St

As a student at Warwick university, I would recommend Study Inn to those who wish to focus on their coursework.

At Study Inn all your needs are taken care of, rooms are cleaned every week and the staff is courteous and very helpful. The facility has a 24hr wifi access, a gym and common rooms, that make a lively atmosphere.

The experience is made more personal by staff. A truly enjoyable experience indeed.

November 2015

Katharina Eiben - Sheffield
The Moor

"During my exchange program at Sheffield Hallam University. I lived at Study Inn Sheffield which has a great location - right in the heart of the city at the Moor Market. Both campus of Sheffield Hallam University are not that far away from Study Inn, only 15-20 minutes walking. All employees at Study Inn were very friendly, helpful and kind, this made me feel at home."

November 2015

Erin Booker-Smallwood - Coventry
165 Corporation St

“My girlfriend and I have loved living here since September, the staff are very friendly and the room is very spacious. Every request is dealt with quickly and cleaning is always done to a very high standard. The Kitchen is fitted with a brilliant two plate hob and is very quick at cooking things and the shower is always very warm with plenty of space to move around even though the initial look is worrying! We love being so close to the university and city centre.

November 2015

Adrian Tambunan - Coventry
165 Corporation St

“Very good service and facilities complimented with welcoming staff. I’m having a great time living in this accommodation”

November 2015

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