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Have any questions, we have the answers! To help guide you through your booking and question syou may have in relation to living at Study Inn, below you will find questions and answers in relation to bookings, living with us, do's and don't, cancellations and more.

If you can't find the answer to what you are looking for, please contact us or complete the quick enquiry form to email our reservations teams directly, who will be happy to help with any questions you may have in regards to service and centres.



  • Can I choose where I wish to live?

    Yes. As long as there is availability then you are eligible to choose to stay at any Study Inn centre.

  • Can I smoke in my room?

    In accordance with UK law smoking is not permitted indoors. You may however smoke outside in designated smoking areas.

  • Can I have an overnight guest?

    Yes. It's your home, you are permitted to have a maximum of one guest stay over as long as they are over the age of 18 years. Additional terms do apply to overnight guest so please check with your Centre Manager first.

  • Are there any items I shouldn’t bring with me?

    We do have a few items we don't allow, this is general to prevent fire risk and damage to your room. A list of these items can be found via the Student Portal.

  • Will I have a TV in my room?

    Yes. All rooms come with a 32inc TV with DVD player, please note though we provide the TV you must obtain a TV license during your stay.

  • Can I bring my own console?

    Yes. Our shared apartments and TV lounge have Playstation's for you to use, but if you wish to set up your own console within your room then you may bring your own from home.

  • Can I decorate my room?

    We do provide a white board/pin board within your room and you may display photo frames next to your bed. We do however ask you do not pin or stick anything to the walls as not to cause unnecessary damage.

  • Can I share my room?

    Our studio room can be shared with a friend or partner, or for larger groups our shared apartments can tailor for group up to 7.

  • Can I move rooms if I rebook?

    If you choose to rebook with Study Inn, you may re book your current room or choose a different room. Subject to availability

  • Do I need to buy Kitchen utensils?

    Study Inn provide an all inclusive service, this includes a fully fitted kitchen, so all utensils and cooking appliances are all provided for you.

  • Do I need a TV license?

    If you want to watch live TV, live streaming, or BBC iPlayer, you’ll need to purchase a TV license – whether you watch those programmes on your TV, tablet or Smart Phone. If you just use your TV for gaming, Netflix or Amazon streaming – you don’t need a TV licence.


  • Do you have laundry facilities?

    Yes, each Study Inn centre has its own coin operated laundry room, with washing machines and dryers.

  • Do you offer parking?

    We offer free parking at our Coventry site (Subject to availability), we can recommend alternative parking options for other centres on request.

  • Is there any social space?

    Social space is important to us, this is why all our centres host a variety of events throughout the year for you to enjoy, you also have access to the sites facilities, SKY TV packages and consoles within the TV lounge and use of any games tables.

  • What safety measures do your centres have to keep me safe?

    All Study Inn centres are equipped with key card entry systems throughout the building, 24 hour CCTV, fire alarm safety system. Your Centre/Security team is also available throughout the day and night to assist you and deal with any issues.

  • Do you provide a cleaning service?

    As part of our all inclusive service we provide a regular room cleaning service to all rooms and communal areas at no extra cost.

  • During my stay can I get involved in any additional activities?

    Study Inn do provide guests with opportunites to get involved in volunteering work, student blogging and press activities. Speak to your Centre Manager for any forthcoming opportunites.

  • How do I keep up to date with what going on in my centre?

    Study Inn will promote forthcoming opportunities and event using display posters, direct email and social media. So be sure to follow us and keep in contact with your Centre Team.

  • Can I suggest ideas to make my stay even better?

    Of course. We are always open to new ideas of improving our service and sned quartely surveys to all guests during your stay. You can also visit your Centre Manager or contact at anytime to make a suggestion.

  • If I need help, who do I ask?

    If you require assistance, please speak to us. The centre teams are here to make your stay great, but if you require any additional help, please talk to us.


  • Will you charge me a Damage Deposit?

    No. We do not charge damage deposits, your room is covered under a fair wear and tear policy, any charges would only occur if major damage was caused to your room or a communal area. Full terms can be found within the residential regulations.

  • Are there any additional fees to pay?

    Our service is fully inclusive, this means there are no additional charges to pay. Your Bed pack, Kitchen pack and cleaning service is all included within the cost of your room. You will need to obtain contents insurance and a TV license.

  • Can I move in early?

    If your room is ready, we will try and move students in early, however we may not be able to confirm this until nearer your check in date.

  • Can I move out during the agreement?

    Yes. Please note however you will be required to find a suitable replacement for your room and you will still be responsible for the rent payments until a replacment is found. Our dedicated reservations team will aim to help you find a replacement as well.

  • Can I swap my room if I don't like upon checking in?

    If you wish to swap rooms then you can fill in a room swap form via the Student Portal. Study Inn will then try and match your room type with another student who also wishes to swap. 

  • Do I pay a charge if I cancel before the agreement starts?

    If your room is secured, please review section 2.0 of the cancellation policy for an overview of charges that may be applicable.

  • How long is the agreement?

    The standard length of our License agreement is 51 weeks. In selected locations we also offer 45, 44, 30 week agreements and semester lets. If you require a tailored agreement please speak to our reservations team and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • Will I get a refund if I move out early?

    If you move out early then a refund is calculated from the day a new student moves into your room. Please note there is an initial cancellation fee of £250.

  • Can I book if I am under 18?

    Study Inn requires that all guest living at one of our centres are over the age of 18 at the time of moving in.

  • Is your accommodation suitable for mature students?

    Yes. As long as you are a full time student you are welcome to stay with us and benefit from all the services and facilities we provide throughout your stay.